Baldor Electric 
Baldor Electric Company markets, designs and manufactures industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators.
Baldor products help increase productivity, improve quality, work hard, and provide solutions for your application needs.
Baldor AC Motors  Baldor AC MOTORS       

Baldor DC Motors  Baldor DC MOTORS      Baldor DC Controls  Baldor DC CONTROLS

Baldor Gear Products 

Baldor MOTION CONTROL offers a wide range of motion control solutions for the automation industry by offering a choice of easy to use programmable motion controllers (positioners) with multi-tasking capability and drives (amplifiers) to suit many applications. 

Baldor Servo Motors  Baldor SERVO MOTORS offers a wide selection of high performance AC brushless servo motors, DC servo motors and stainless steel servo motors for the motion control industry.
Baldor Servo Controls  Baldor SERVO CONTROLS Since 1952, Baldor has provided thousands of AC and DC servo motors, drives, and controls to many diverse applications throughout the world. Set up is fast, easy and quick to implement.
Baldor LINEAR PRODUCTS provide the industry with the widest range of linear motors, linear stages and controls. Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, Baldor continually develops advanced products and innovations to meet a variety of linear motion applications.


Baldor Belts   Baldor Couplings  Baldor Sheaves   Baldor Drives   
Baldor Belts, Couplings, Sheaves and Drives 



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