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Force Controls
Force Control Industries, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of oil shear clutch and brake systems for industrial applications. We are dedicated to producing products designed to reduce overall production cost by providing high quality, well designed, products manufactured to exacting standards, and furnished in a timely manner with excellent customer support.

The heart of many of the Force Control products is oil shear technology. Oil Shear clutch and brake products transmit torque through shearing automatic transmission fluid between multiple friction discs and drive plates. The fluid absorbs the heat of engagement and dissipates it through the housing. The recirculating fluid minimizes wear, resulting in exceptionally long service life. Oil-shear operation provides a controllable, cushioned engagement that is smoother, quieter and more accurate than dry friction units.

Oil Shear Technology


Posidyne Clutches

Posistop Oil Shear Brakes

Magnashear Electric Release Brakes

Positorq Brakes Torque Control

Two Speed Drives

Electronic Position Controls

Posidrive Servo Drives

E-Stop Brakes

Automotive Products

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