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Hyundai Electric Low Voltage Motors Product Listing

Hyundai Premium Efficiency Rigid Base Motors feature low noise, cool running, and low vibration performance. These motors are all cast iron and are designed to perform under severe duty or general-purpose applications.

Hyundai Premium Effeciency Rigid Face Motor Hyundai Premium Efficiency Rigid Base Motor

Hyundai Premium Efficiency C Face Motor Hyundai Premium Efficiency C Face Motor

Offer above and beyond severe duty requirements with Hyundai Electric IEEE-841 Rigid Base motors.

Hyundai Electric IEEE 841 Rigid Base MotorHyundai IEEE-841 Rigid Face Motor

Hyundai Electric IEEE 841 C Face Motor Hyundai IEEE-841 C Face Motor

 Hyundai Electric Explosion Proof Motor Rigid Base Hyundai Explosion Proof Rigid Base Motor

Hyundai Electric Explosion Proof Motor C Face Hyundai Explosion Proof C Face Motor

 Hyundai Electric Crown Triton Severe Duty MotorThe Hyundai Crown Triton Motor are premium efficiency and constructed of cast iron. 250 HP to 600 HP. RPM: 3600, 1800 and 1200. 460 V.

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