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Günter Blase began igus® in 1964 in a double garage in Cologne. For the first 20 years, the company worked as a supplier of complex technical polymer components. However, in 1983 Frank Blase established reinforced plastic Energy Chain Systems® and injection molded polymer bearings as two distinct product groups and set up a network of sales engineers. These seemingly unrelated products are linked together through the belief in making functionally advanced, yet affordable polymer components and assemblies. igus®, now with over 1,600 employees worldwide, has representative partners in more than 33 countries.
Igus Energy Chain Energy Chain® Cable Carriers: They minimize downtime, protect, support and extend the service life of cables and hoses. From the smallest ‘micro’ Energy Chain® to the world's largest polymer Energy Chain®, igus® cable carriers are capable of long and short travel distances at high speeds in all axes. More product information
Igus Chain Flex Chainflex® continuous-flex cable: Optimal performance in demanding applications involving high speeds and accelerations. More product information


Igus Ready Chain ReadyChain® Pre-harnessed cable carriers: No assembly required. No more fumbling with cables, attaching connectors or assembling separators, mounting brackets, or other accessories: with ReadyChain®, the connectors are already attached to the cables, which are installed and separated in the correct order within the cable carrier.  More product information


Igus iglide iglide® plastic bushing: Material exists for almost every application scenario - even chemical-exposed, dirty, underwater, high load or high temperature applications. For this reason, they are fast becoming a standard choice for design engineers around the world.  More product information


Igus bearings  igubal® self-aligning bearings: Includes rod ends, ball and socket joints, clevis joints, pillow blocks, flange bearings, pressfit bearings, and spherical balls. They are made entirely from high-performance plastics, are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, and economical. They also compensate for misalignment, are vibration dampening, easy to install, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.  More product information


Igus DryLin DryLin® linear bearings and linear guides: Dry-running linear motion. Oil-free and designed to run dry, without the need for the messy lubricants, costly maintenance, or the downtime typically associated with re-circulating ball bearing systems. The range is also resistant to dirt, dust and chemicals and other harsh environments.  More product information


Igus DryLinR DryLin® R linear bearings: Cost effective. More product information 


Igus xiros xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings for extreme applications: The inner and outer races are made from high-performance iglide® materials. The corrosion-free balls are made from stainless steel. Glass balls are also available for maximum corrosion resistance. More product information

Igus Iglide PRT iglide® PRT Slewing Rings: Self-lubricating and maintenance-free. iglide® PRT slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction sliding elements in place of ball bearings. More product information

Igus Leadscrew table DryLin® Leadscrew Tables: Ready to ship! After noticing that many of our customers were fabricating their own linear systems with belts or leadscrews and parts from multiple suppliers, we decided to design our own. More product information   

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