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Established in 1873, Joyce/Dayton Corp. has worked diligently to deliver superior linear motion equipment to customers in many industries all over the world. Joyce/Dayton builds superior lifting jacks and actuators that move earth station antennas and delicate laboratory equipment, move mine equipment and adjust maintenance platforms for the airline industry. From stage lifts in concert halls to ergonomic lifts in factories and much more, Joyce has rightfully become the trusted name in linear motion.


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Joyce Dayton Machine Screw  Machine Screw Jacks 

Joyce Dayton Ball Screw Jack  Ball Screw Jacks 

JOyce Dayton Bevel Gear Jack Bevel Gear Jack 

Stainless Steel Screw Jacks 

JOyce Dayton Metric Screw Jack Metric Screw Jack 


Joyce Dayton Linear Actuator  Linear Actuators 

Joyce Dayton Integrated Actuator  Integrated Actuators 

JOyce Dayton Multipurpose Actuator  Multipurpose Actuator 

Joyce Dayton Bevel Ball Actuator  Bevel Ball Actuators

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