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Nook Industries
Nook Industries manufactures inch and metric mechanical and electro-mechanical actuators, assemblies and components, including: Modular Linear Actuators, Ball Screw, Roller Screw, Acme Screw, and Lead Screw Assemblies, Ball Splines, End Bearing Supports, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, Electric Cylinder Actuators, HRC 60 Linear Shafting, Profile Rail Linear Guides, Linear Slides, Bearings and Pillow Blocks.

NOOK Product Line

MODULAR LINEAR ACTUATOR: Nook modular linear actuators are assembled into gantry and multi-axis configurations that can be matched with motion control and drive to fit a wide range of coordinated motion application requirements. From precision to commercial applications modular linear actuator gantries and multi-axis systems provide exceptional performance and flexibility with long travel, high speed and high acceleration systems available.




NOOK Catalog

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