Schmersal Safety Products

Schmersal offers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines. You’ll find more than 25,000 products including safety switches, solenoid interlocks, emergency stop - switches, security sensors, safety mats with safety function, photoelectric light barriers and end switches, which include limit switches, position switches and micro switches.

Schmersal Safety Light Curtains    Schmersal Safety Switch

Leuze Sensors

Safety Light Curtains, Safety Laser Scanners, Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices, Single Light Beam Safety Devices, AS-I Safety, Profibus DP, Safety Relays, Safety Interface Components, Test Monitoring Units, Safety Interlocks, Leuze Software

Stationary and Hand-Held Bar Code Readers, Stationary and Hand-Held 2D Code Readers, Machine Vision Systems, Optical Distance Measuring and Positioning, Optical Bar Code Positioning Systems, Optical Data Transmission, Modular Interfacing Units, Analytical Applications

Cubic Series Sensors, Cylindrical Sensors, Mini Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Measuring Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Scanners, Explosion Protection

APG Sensors

Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) provides tailored solutions for measurement applications. Technologies include pressure, flow, level control, analytics, and dedicated flexible control.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Float Switches    

Flow Sensors

Level Float Sensors    

Level Sensors    

Level Transducers & Transmitters

Liquid Level Indicators & Sensors    

Liquid Level Switches

Pressure Sensors   

Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

Ultrasonic Sensors

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Senix Sensors       
Senix ToughSonic® ultrasonic sensors measure level and distance through air using ultrasonic sound waves, often replacing unreliable mechanical devices.

General Purpose - Chemically Resistant - Remote Level



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The highly reputable SUNX / PANASONIC brand specializes in industrial sensing and measurement and laser marking solutions. The product line includes photoelectric sensors, fiber sensors, wire-saving system, pressure sensors, area sensors, safety light curtains, inductive proximity sensors, measurement sensors and ultrasonic sensors.



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