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SUNX Sensors

The DP line of pressure sensors from SUNX offers self contained and separate head types for maximum versatility in your pressure sensing applications.

All series' are available in positive pressure, vacuum, and compound pressure ranges as well as multiple port size and output options. Explore the models listed below to find the best light curtain for your needs.
    SUNX DP-100PANASONIC SUNX DP-100  Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensors
SUNX DPCPANASONIC SUNX DPC/DPH-100   Digital Pressure Sensor 
SUNX DP-2PANASONIC SUNX DP-2  High-performance Digital Pressure Sensor                                                

 SUNX DP-MPANASONIC SUNX DP-M   Differential Pressure Sensor

SUNX FM-200PANASONIC SUNX FM-200   Digital Air Flow Sensor  

Legacy Products (Discontinued) - SUNX recommends one of their newer products listed above for the following products:
SUNX DP-3SUNX DP-3 Digital Pressure Sensor with Auto-reference Function
SUNX DP-4 SUNX DP-4 Compact Size Digital Pressure Sensor
SUNX DP-5 SUNX DP-5 Head-separated Digital Pressure Sensor 
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