US Tsubaki
UST, U.S. Tsubaki, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power transmission and motion control products and is the world's market share leader in roller chain.
USTsubaki Chain
USTsubaki Chain and Sprockets
ROLLER CHAINS: U.S. Tsubaki roller chain is among the most versatile products on the market. Tsubaki innovations have yielded popular problem solvers such as self-lube Lambda® series chain, corrosion resistant Neptune™ chain, fatigue resistant Super Chains, and rugged Energy Series™ oilfield chains.

ENGINEERING CHAINS: Union® Chains start with the high-performance base materials to ensure increased wear life. We use various grades of steel, heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with accurate press-fits to withstand the requirements of today's powerful, high-production equipment. Protect your investment in equipment and your operation with Union® Engineering Class Chains.

POWER TRANSMISSION COMPONENTS: A partial listing includes belts, cam clutches, actuators, dampers, overload protection and reducers.

SPROCKETS: Discover the difference quality makes. U.S. Tsubaki sprockets are built from top-grade, heat-treated carbon steel to offer long wear life, resist abrasion, and withstand heavy shock loads. Alloy and stainless steel sprockets are also available for extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications.
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